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How Much is a Hedgehog Pet? Summary of Total Cost & Ongoing Care and Expenses

Hedgehogs can make great pets for the right person, but not everyone is cut out for the responsibilities of owning a hedgehog. For those who are interested in bringing a hedgehog into their home, adoption can be a great option. There are many reasons why people choose to adopt hedgehogs rather than purchase them from breedersContinue reading “How Much is a Hedgehog Pet? Summary of Total Cost & Ongoing Care and Expenses”

Things You Should Know About Using Mobile Vets

There are many pet lovers worldwide, and individuals are encouraged to do everything to ensure their pets are well taken care of. Healthy pets make the home feel lively and ensuring your pets get frequent check-ups is essential.   All animals deserve love and care, and finding a good vet for them should be theContinue reading “Things You Should Know About Using Mobile Vets”

6 Ways Technology Has Changed the Pet-Care Industry

As an industry that’s worth almost $300 billion, the pet-care industry deserves to enter the 21st century and enjoy a few tech advancements that can make both pet and owner lives better and easier. We love our pets as much as we love all other family members, young tech-savvy owners want to provide them withContinue reading “6 Ways Technology Has Changed the Pet-Care Industry”

How Much Is Dog Health Insurance?

Some questions do not have definitive answers. The most frequently-asked question about pet health insurance is one of them: Just how much is dog health insurance? The answer is: it depends on the plan you choose. Keep reading to learn why and to discover tips to find the best plan for your best furry friend.Continue reading “How Much Is Dog Health Insurance?”

Take part in the RSPCA Rescue Run to help animals in need

The RSPCA Rescue Run will take place between 18 to 31 October this year, with animal lovers urged to run or walk 56 km to help animals in need. Participants are urged to complete the 56 km to recognise the 56,000 animal cruelty complaints the RPSCA receives nationally each year, and to show solidarity with…Continue reading “Take part in the RSPCA Rescue Run to help animals in need”