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10 Best Dog-Friendly Countries in the World You Must Know About for Your Next Travels

Every pet owner has to decide whether or not to bring their four-legged friend on vacation. But luckily, there are a lot of fun places all over the world that are pet-friendly and let you travel with your furry friend without having to worry.     In fact, in some places around the world, itContinue reading “10 Best Dog-Friendly Countries in the World You Must Know About for Your Next Travels”


How many times during a walk have you noticed that your dog has something in his mouth or is eating food scraps found in the grass? How many times have you been frustrated? Puppies and dogs use their mouths to explore and investigate their world.As a dog owner it is your responsibility to make sureContinue reading “HOW TO TEACH YOUR DOG LEAVE IT COMMAND?”

Are Tibetan Mastiff High Maintenance

If you’re thinking about getting a fluffy giant, this Tibetan Mastiff breed profile is a great place to start. Tibetan Mastiffs are actually mountain dog breeds rather than Mastiffs, but the moniker has stuck since it was raised as a flock guardian in the Himalayas. They are a somewhat rare breed that first competed in…Continue reading “Are Tibetan Mastiff High Maintenance”

Things You Should Know About Using Mobile Vets

There are many pet lovers worldwide, and individuals are encouraged to do everything to ensure their pets are well taken care of. Healthy pets make the home feel lively and ensuring your pets get frequent check-ups is essential.   All animals deserve love and care, and finding a good vet for them should be theContinue reading “Things You Should Know About Using Mobile Vets”